Mongolia Panorama Trip

Mongolia is the world’s second largest landlocked country and occupies a territory of 1.56 million square kilometers. Mongolia is located in Northern Asia, bordered by Russia in the north and China in the south, east and west. Mongolia is the world’s least densely populated country, with a population of more than 2.9 million people living in a vast area.  Ulaanbaatar is Mongolia’s capital and largest city and home to approximately 45% of the country’s population.


Dear Officer,

This letter is heartily recommend the operations of Happy-Bayar Tour, Tour organizer Ms. Mendbayar Baatuud, tour guide Ms. Oyunsan, driver Mr. Egge-Erdenebat and Mr. Taro-Turmandakh. Thanks to each of them as individuals and all of them as a team I had a successful and enjoyable journey to your nation and to the former Mongolian province of Siberia (Irkutsk and Lake Baykal).

I should add that I presented a demanding schedule of the 19 days I was in Mongolia and Russia, 6 were spent driving in Khentii Province on unpaved roads, 1 was spent flying to Irkutsk, 2 were driving to and from Lake Baykal and almost 3 were spent on the Trans-Siberian and Trans-Mongolian railroads for a total of about 12 traveling days.

From the moment Ms. Mendbayar Baatuud, Ms. Oyunsan, and Mr. Egge- Erdenebat, met me at Chinggis Khaan Airport around midnight on August 4 to their escort of me back to the airport tonight all appointments and rendezvous were kept in a timely and efficient manner, all souvenirs were obtained (an important matter to someone with a large circle of friends and family) and all destinations were arrived in a safe and enjoyable way.

Mr. Taro- Turmandakh and Mr. Egge-Erdenebat handled their vehicles and their driving duties in safe and efficient manners. At all times I felt safe and relaxed while in their care.

Ms. Oyunsan a skilled tour guide. She is knowledgeable about Mongolian history and culture, a good conversationalist in English, a good translator from Mongolian and Russian and is patient humorous and resourceful.

Ms. Mendbayar is an excellent organizer able to meet the demands of a two nation tour and respond successfully to the changes that inevitably occur in such situations.

I hope to visit again and will call upon these individuals to help me once more. To any persons seeking to visit here I will certainly recommend Ms. Mendbayar Baatuud, Ms. Oyunsan, Mr. Egge-Erdenebat, and Mr. Taro-Turmandakh.

If you have any questions please, contact me at your convenience.


Howard I Williams

H. Williams
San Francisco, CA94126

howardisaacwilliams at yahoo dot com