Naadam tour in Ulaanbaatar

The Naadam Festival showcases Mongolia’s finest in the three ‘manly sports' of horse racing, archery and wrestling. Females participate in the first two. The festival is the biggest event of the year for foreigners and locals alike and is held all over the country, normally between 11 and 13 July . The first two days are when most of the major events take place, and the third day tends to be a day of conviviality.


     It is my pleasure to extend my warm greetings and sincere gratitude to our valued tourists for travelling with Happy Bayar Tours and wish you all the best in 2015. We invite you to experience a totally different way of Nomadic life, explore cultural diversity, and to immerse yourself in the history of what was once the largest empire in the world 13th century. Despite the exponential growth in international travel, Mongolia has remained one of the few fascinating places of the world. An attractive destination for those looking for a unique combination of primordial landscapes and nomadic culture, almost vanished elsewhere in the world, Mongolia has held on to the old ways while sampling the new. Mongolia’s nomads have retained their traditions since the days of Chinggis Khan’s empire, while services and facilities for travelers have taken big strides to improve the level of service and quality of infrastructure. Welcome to Mongolia, the land of spectacular scenery and remarkable history - it is a unique experience unlike any other. The hard work of our support staff, along with the fascinating insight they can offer into their own culture, is integral to providing you with the very best holiday experience in "The Blue Sky Country of Mongolia".

     Once again, thank you very much for choosing Happy Bayar Tours and hope to see you my lovely Mongolia soon.

     Sincerely yours,

     Mendbayar Bayaraa Baatuud



Our best staff - We proud of them

One of the best English, Russian speaking guide of Happy BayarTours, Dorjtoviron Oidov (Dorjoo) joined the company in 2006, most tourists are very happy with her knowledge of Mongolian history, geography, culture and tradition. Dorjoo talked about her an essential secret: ”If you can make the kids happy, then their parents will be happy”. She received "The Letter of Honour of Tourism” from the Ministry of  Nature, Environment and Tourism.

Erdenesuren Zazaalai (Erka), is working with us since we newly opened our company, he is obviously a person of high integrity and honesty and is a very hard worker. He has made everyone feel happy and comfortable during the trip with great memories of driver and language tutor, wrestling coach, camel whisperer and great friend. He received “The Letter of Honour of Tourism” from the Ministry of Nature, Environment and Tourism in 2012. Our staff an awards that recognizes the quality of our services and many years hard work and dedication of our cultural trip team.



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