Hiking in Naiman Nuur- Navel Eight Lakes

Naiman Nuur- Navel Eight Lakes, which was created by volcanic eruptions centuries ago and is now part of the 11,500 hectare Khuisiin Naiman Lake Natural Reserve. The lakes are 70 km south-west of Orkhon waterfall, but the roads are often virtually impassable.  The road between  Kharkorum and Eight lake is one of the best places in the country to see falcons and hawks, particularly the saraa moon  hawk.

Mongolia,  “The Blue Sky Country of Mongolia”, is a wide country of mountains, clear lakes, vast Gobi deserts, rolling grasslands, open steppes, unique wildlife and their animals. It remains one of the last unspoiled travel destinations in Central Asia. We are inviting you travel to Mongolia with us!

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Year's Biggest Event

Naadam Festival is one of the most amazing parties in the world. Join nation-wide celebration!

Travel to Khövsgöl Lake

Оne of the most scenic spots in Mongolia.
Known as the Blue Pearl of the Mongolia, Khövsgöl Nuur is an extraordinary lake that stretches 136km deep into the Siberian taiga. The lake and mountains that surround it form the basis for the popular national park.

Terelj National Park

Located near Ulaanbaatar city, Terelj is popular destination for travelers.
Magnificent alpine scenery, great opportunities for hiking, rock climbing, swimming, rafting, horse riding.